Family Life Center

Building Expansion

This is our vision.

Develop Faith - Build Family - Strengthen Community

We're working to create a space as diverse as our community; A place to gather, encourage, work, celebrate and address many of the growing needs of Lehigh.

A hub for community.

The main space will offer a venue for SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES such as basketball and volleyball leagues.

It will offer COMMUNITY ENRICHMENT occasions like job fairs and health and wellness events.

It will also be a place for PUBLIC GATHERINGS like wedding receptions and banquets.

A heart for families.

When FOOD becomes sparse we’ll feed you and teach you how to do a lot with a little.

JOBS bring purpose we’ll help you find your purpose and prepare you for the pursuit.

Sharpened LIFE SKILLS lead to success and we’re here to equip you to overcome.

KIDS are a treasure and we’re here to love, encourage and support them as they grow.

Help support this community endeavor.